Let us rid our city


of these silly, vigilante nerds


Dearest legion of concerned citizens,

I foresee a future where we live with sane communities, sound minds, and safe streets. Finally, there will be a home for your voices to be heard - in regards to the mass of unwanted superhero shenanagins. Your patience will pay off.

Yours Truly,
Rex Velvet
"Let us rid our city of these silly, vigilante nerds"


Rex Speaks

Episodes. Insights. Villainous rhetoric.

Illustrious Seattle Super Villain Rex Velvet addresses business matters inside the Social Villains Alliance. Along with an SVA intelligence colleague, Rex covers everything regarding global expansion, super hero tracking, wardrobe enhancements, and some rather harsh layoffs. Discover what's kept off the record that becomes Rex's latest weapon in the fight against nerdy vigilante crime fighters. Silly nerds.

A showdown invite to Phoenix Jones from illustrious Seattle Super Villain, Rex Velvet!

Illustrious Seattle Super Villain, Rex Velvet takes his Seattle anti-hero campaign on a viral goose chase! Play your part in ridding all major cities of their useless superheroes!

Seattle Super Villain, Rex Velvet expands the Social Villains Alliance, targets real life local super heroes, and throws the hammer down on local fake - Phoenix Jones.

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Rex Velvet